Privacy Policy

When dealing with personal information Express Print & Mail endeavours to meet all the requirements of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
Our commitment to privacy
Your privacy is important to us. Express Print & Mail does not sell or share the personal information it receives directly or from third parties. This Privacy Policy statement covers the information practices of Express Print & Mail and applies to information submitted and collected through various channels. This statement and our privacy practices may vary or be updated as required by law.
The information we collect
In using our online services, when replying to Express Print & Mail quotes or when setting up an account, you may be required to complete a form and provide contact information.
Typically we receive information such as a name, address, contact phone number, your company name, role within your company and email address.
We may also sometimes require your credit/debit card information, expiration date, billing address, shipping address and related information for payment of accounts. For security purposes we may also ask for personally identifiable information that you authorise us to collect. This is collectively referred to as “personal information” in this statement.
You may also supply us with a database of customers for the purpose of despatching a direct mail campaign. We do not sell or share your database with other companies or individuals and your database remains your property at all times. This personal information is managed in a secure environment using secure processes.
How we use personal information
Express Print & Mail does not sell or share your personal information. From time to time we use this information to communicate with you in a variety of ways to:
•    Process an order you place for a product or service
•    Respond to questions
•    Provide technical and customer support
•    Provide product news, promotions, information about events, products and services updates
•    Notification of special promotions and administrative matters
•    Create and maintain partnerships.
Sharing information
Express Print & Mail's policy is not to sell or share any personal information collected by the company. In the case of sub-contractors (e.g. freight and mail) Express Print & Mail  requires that any third parties protect the confidentiality of personal information they collect or have access to in the course of their engagement by Express Print & Mail.
Credit Applications
Any information supplied to us as an application for credit may be disclosed to the credit referees nominated on the application and to our credit rating agency, for the purpose of processing the credit application.
Disclosure compliance
Express Print & Mail reserves the right (under exceptional circumstances) to disclose the information it receives if such disclosure is necessary to comply with an applicable law or legal process or to avoid liability for Express Print & Mail and/or its sub-contractors.
Furthermore Express Print & Mail reserves the right to disclose the information it receives if it suspects that an individual or company has provided fraudulent or illegal information, has committed an illegal, fraudulent or wrongful act or omission, has attempted to pose as someone else or has attempted an unauthorized use or access of any communication channel.
Express Print & Mail assumes that personal information provided by individuals or companies for processing has been collected in a manner which complies with local laws. Third party individuals or companies who provide personal information to Express Print & Mail agree to indemnify Express Print & Mail against any possible action (legal or otherwise) in the event that it is proven the information it provided has been collected through fraudulent or illegal communication channels.
Our commitment to data security
While Express Print & Mail cannot guarantee complete and absolute security of the information we collect or receive, especially considering the continuous advancement of technology, we have implemented reasonable physical, electronic and managerial processes including periodic review and upgrade of those processes, to minimise the risk of unauthorized access to and improper use of, personal information.
If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please contact and we will be happy to provide you with further information.