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We cover topics such as delivery costs, supply of artwork files, direct mail and our competitive prices.

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Are your prices competitive?

We pride ourselves on providing you with a competitive quote for your printing needs. More importantly, we provide a top quality printed result and excellent service as part of the price. Our business is all about helping your business enjoy success. We are continually investing in the latest technology to make certain we deliver the best product at the best price. Whether it's our presses, finishing equipment or internal processes, we are always reviewing, updating and improving our systems.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Our intention is always to get your job out the door as soon as possible. With machinery producing up to 24 hours a day we ensure that even the tightest of deadlines are met. If your job requires an offset machine you should allow 7 days for completion of your project. Digital printing is a much quicker process and depending on the quantity and complexity of the design we can sometimes deliver jobs within a day. We'll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations - that's the Express difference.

What do you need from me to be able to print my job?

We're here to get the job done whatever it takes so we'll work with almost anything. Having said that, it's better if you can provide us with print ready artwork, supplied as a PDF, or supply the information you would like our designers to use either on a flash drive or CD or in legible print with clear instructions. If you'd like some suggestions, one of our sales team will happily sit down with you and work it out. Artwork should be as follows: Supply all images at 300dpi. Images lifted from the internet are usually low resolution (72 or 96dpi) and are not suitable. Images should be converted to CMYK. Images provided in RGB may not print properly. Supply files as PDFs correctly set up with at least 3mm bleed or alternatively supply complete design files so that we can make any necessary adjustments in-house to ensure a top quality print job.

Can I check my job before you print it?

Yes you can. We recommend you request a printed proof if you have information or colours that you wish to check prior to printing. This is available for a small extra cost. If you have supplied print ready artwork in the correct file, there should be no need to see a printed proof, a PDF proof should be sufficient, however it is always best to double check if you have any concerns.

Do I pay for delivery?

We include delivery to one address in the quotation provided to you prior to printing. Alternatively you can select to pick up from our reception. If you require delivery to more than one address, please advise when placing your order and we will provide you with any additional cost.

What does 'direct mail' mean?

Good question. If you want to send out your flyer or brochure to specific areas which are serviced by Australia Post, it's called direct mail. Whether it's to a list of addresses that you supply in a database or what we call 'unaddressed mail' (which is mail that is delivered to householders in a specific area without the actual name of the resident) it's an effective way to target potential customers rather than waiting for them to come to you.