Label and Sticker Printing

Express Print & Mail prints custom labels and stickers for a wide range of industries including retail, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable producers, butchers, manufacturers, construction, councils and tourism. 

Whether you need thousands of labels or stickers printed for packaging or shipping, or a single custom window decal for a shop, we have in-house printers to do the job. 

Choose from a range of different stock options and print techniques for stickers and labels that really stand out from the crowd.

Get stickers made in just about any size, type, colour, design with fast turnaround times and competitive rates.

Label types:

  • Barcode labels for tracking of goods and ID
  • Food packaging and bottled products
  • Shipping address labels
  • Quality control stickers
  • Job approval/signoff
  • Windscreen labels
  • Product swing tags
  • Name tags and identification labels

A selection of rolls of stickers including metallic stickers and juice stickers printed by Express Print & Mail

      Labels and Stickers for all industries

      Express Print & Mail can supply custom labels and custom stickers in large and small print runs for just about any purpose.

      • Retail 
      • Mining
      • Marine
      • Trades
      • Medical and health
      • Building and construction
      • Butchers
      • Food packaging
      • Fruit and veg
      • Nurseries and garden suppliers
      • Cosmetics and skin care
      • Automotive and car yards
      • Manufacturing
      • Real estate
      • Florists
      • Wineries and beverage manufacturers
      • Tourism and event operators
      • Baggage tags
      • Councils
      • Aviation

      OHS safety stickers on a roll with a black circle and writing on a white background

      Sticker labels - printing options


      High quality print process ideal and economical for medium to large print runs. Print six spot colour or CMYK with spot, with a multitude of finishing options and special effects including foiling, embossing and laminating.

      Hot and cold foiling

      Foiled labels are one of our most popular label products as the set-up costs are low and we can economically produce a one to six colour label with fast turnaround times. Foiling offers a reflective, metallic finish for an eye-catching look.

      Digital labels

      Digital labels are ideal for marketing, promotions and new product lines. Great for smaller quantities. All shapes and sizes, no set-up costs, brilliant full colour CMYK print on a range of stocks. Vinyl and outdoor options are also available in sheet or single form. Choose gloss or matt laminate finishing option to seal and protect. 

      Thermal transfer labels

      Durable labels that last the distance for barcodes, packaging and labelling. Thermal labels are designed to withstand variations in conditions including cold storage and warehousing. They are resistant to moisture, heat and chemicals. Choose thermal transfer for inventory labels, chemical labels and compliance labels.

      Direct thermal labels

      These labels have a shorter life span to thermal transfer labels and may fade over time. Direct thermal labels are more suited to retail or logistics in situations where they are not exposed to extremes of temperature or rough treatment. Ideal for shipping and dispatch labels, asset tagging or visitor passes.

      Digital roll form

      This process is ideal for very short runs such as promotions or trials in CMYK colours only. Matt, gloss or foiling can be added for effect.

      Food and beverage labels

      The food industry is a highly competitive market and consumers make decisions in seconds so it is important your products stand out from the rest.

      A well-designed label with quality printing can make an impression when it really counts. With a huge range of styles and print techniques to choose from, Express Print & Mail is your first choice for food and beverage labels.

      Food labels

      We can supply a large range of food product labels and tags that effectively represent your brand, communicate important information, and help you to meet government requirements for labelling.

      • Blank and pre-printed thermal labels including scale labels
      • Nutritional panels, barcoding, QR codes
      • Promotional labels, stickers and tags
      • Stock options to withstand cold, moisture, freezers or oils
      • Carton and dispatch labels (Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, IGA, etc.)

      Beverage labels

      Whether you are manufacturing bottled water, milk, fruit juice, beer, soft drinks or spirits, Express Print & Mail can supply all your labelling requirements.

      Beverages are often exposed to variations in temperature and humidity from bottling until they are finally consumed. We recommend using proven materials to ensure labels retain their appearance and achieve optimum performance.

      We can provide high quality, visually exciting labels to highlight your brand.

      • Blank and thermal labels (direct or transfer)
      • Nutritional panels, barcoding and QR codes
      • Promotional labels and swing tags
      • Wide range of stocks: clear on clear, textured, temperature and moisture resistant
      • Range of finishes available: foiling, embossing, matt and gloss.

      Wine labels

      Wine labels have always set the benchmark for quality and design excellence. Express Print & Mail can help you select materials to suit both the functional and aesthetic requirements of wine labelling.

      Wine label stocks need to tolerate fluctuations in temperature and humidity without forming wrinkles or bubbles during labelling or storage.

      • Matt papers
      • Heavily textured with foiling, embossing, raised screen varnish and spot varnishing
      • Digital print for short run vintages or specialty bottles

      If you don’t have a design already, our in-house design team can create something just for you.

        Meat, poultry and butcher labels

        We are able to supply processors across the meat industry with an array of labels. Colourful, food approved inks are a popular way to establish stronger brand identity for premium products.

        Meat and poultry

        We can supply a range of materials including premium product labels and custom sleeves, promotional and marketing labels and tags that help your products stand out.

        Talk to us about options that withstand cold, moisture, freezers and oils.

        • Carcass tags, meat inserts, carton labels
        • Blank and thermal labels including scale labels
        • Nutritional panels, sequential numbering and barcodes
        • Carton and despatch labels

        Butcher labels

        Custom labels and packaging will help enhance your shelf presence and provide customers with all the information they need when making purchasing decisions.

        • Quality presentation
        • Strong adhesion
        • Large range
        • Immediate delivery available on a large range of items

        Shipper labels

        Shipper labels are standard thermal direct labels commonly used for dispatch of carton labels. Thermal direct stock can be printed economically by thermal printers. 

        Shipper labels are 100mm x 150mm and have a perforation between each label.

        Blank shipper labels

        • 100 x 150mm
        • Labels per roll: 1,000 wound outside NEL
        • Core size: 76mm
        • Thermal direct paper with permanent adhesive

        Startrack blank shipper labels

        • 100 x 150mm
        • Labels per roll: 350 wound inside NEL
        • Core size: 38mm
        • Thermal direct paper with permanent adhesive

          Bumper stickers - talk to traffic while in traffic!

          Bumper stickers are a popular and cost-effective promotional tool to provide high visibility while being portable. Choose from our range of standard sizes or we can create a custom size and shape. Premium, high quality or budget options are available.

          Premium bumper stickers

          • Monomeric or polymeric vinyl
          • Solvent inks
          • Up to 5-year life
          • UV laminated

          Budget bumper stickers

          • Low cost option
          • Up to 12-month life
          • UV laminated
          • UV varnished

            Vinyl Stickers and signage

            Vinyl stickers have many uses and are a striking, practical option for office and business signage. Interior and exterior options are available.

            Solid vinyl stickers

            Solid vinyl stickers cover the entire window and tend to be square or rectangular. They are a popular option for shopfronts, service businesses and businesses with extensive glass windows and doors.

            Contour Cut Vinyl Stickers

            Vinyl lettering and custom shapes offer limitless possibilities. Shapes can be created to form words such as a business name, services or opening hours. Shapes can be customised to let light in or keep it out. 

            Contour cut vinyl stickers are ideal for creating an impactful business logo sign. We've also created custom cut stickers for gyms and allied health businesses featuring inspirational wording or quotes.

            Vinyl options

            The choice of vinyl will depend on what you are aiming to achieve.  One way vision vinyl appears to be solid from the outside but will let light in from the inside. One way vision stickers can help to filter bright sunlight and provide privacy.

            Express Print & Mail can also supply frosted vinyl. Solid frosted will let in a little light in but no vision. For contour cut stickers, frosted vinyl is generally used for opening hours or other smaller information.


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