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Give Me 5 for Kids 2016

Express Print & Mail joined the team from 92.7 Mix FM for a live broadcast, breakfast and some fun in aid of a very worthy cause. Give Me 5 for Kids is an annual community-based fundraiser that improves the lives of children and their families.


How to design a good newsletter

A newsletter is an important tool to communicate with customers, prospects and employees. So how do you develop interesting and compelling content and design? We provide some tips to keep you on track.


10 clever business card ideas

Check out some of these interesting, unusual and creative ideas for business card design.


Why print has more value than online

People still value print for its ability to be tactile, tangible and more credible than its online counterparts.


How to produce a good marketing flyer

A few basic guidelines such as using bright, bold colour, simple design and a clear call to action will help ensure your marketing flyer stands out. 


How being online can help your print

When you know what to look for, the information you pick up online can guide you in the right direction in print. Once you've determined your overall message, you can select the correct channels to communicate it to your customers online.