Why print has more value than online

Since the rise in popularity of online marketing, it's become harder to get a product or service to stand out on screen amongst the dozens of colourful images vying for attention. 

Most websites average four ads per page view whereas with print you can directly target your customer without interference from competitive advertising. Here are some other benefits of using print to reach your target market:

•    With print you can use special effects which people can touch, smell , tear off or fold up to give added punch to your marketing message  

•    Around 80% of people have never clicked on a banner ad. They either don't have the time, aren't ready to buy or are weary of the threat of viruses.  With print there's no such pressure. You can take your time to read the information at your leisure and make an enquiry or purchase when you're ready  

•    Printed pieces have longevity.  They don't require power to access them and if you want to check the information provided you can do so without repeatedly having to logon

•    Print provides immediate access to what is being sold without having to click through or phone a number

•    Print is a better cost option if you're looking for local business. Print makes targeting a specific audience over a longer period of time easier

•    There’s no limit to the size, use of content or any other aspect in print marketing. Digital marketing comes with a number of limitations and rules which make it difficult to reach your target market.  With print you can also add a personal touch

•    From an environmental and energy consumption point of view, it takes less energy to create a printed piece than it does to view it online.   

Print still has its very important role to play as part of the marketing mix.

However it also pays to remember that the quality of your print production will impact how many people read your literature. It's packaging that determines perception so aim high!