Save time and money with our online Pick & Pack service

We don’t just do print here at Express Print & Mail. We can also warehouse and collate printed items into packs and send them to anywhere in Australia…or the world!

Marketers and business owners love PrintIQ, which works just like an online store where you can log in and order a wide range pre-printed items we are holding in stock.

The Express Print & Mail Pick & Pack service is ideal for businesses or brands with multiple sites such as hotel chains, banks, training organisations and franchises. We store your items and authorised team members can log in and order materials as they are needed.

The benefit of Pick & Pack is that we can print your items in bulk at a more cost-effective price and ensure that you are both saving money on your print and ensuring brand consistency across your collateral.

It’s user friendly, intuitive and makes it easier to manage marketing materials for multiple locations



  • Order on demand
  • No need to find storage space - we store for you
  • We can send your goods anywhere
  • More cost effective than printing on demand
  • Give individual team members or stores a log in so they can order what they need
  • Approval processes can be set up

EPM's Pick & Pack service is ideal for:

  • Franchises
  • Hotel chains
  • Businesses with multiple locations such as banks
  • When you have minimal storage space
  • Training organisations with large volumes of printed materials

Items ready to be packed for the Print & Pack service

How it works

  1. Get set up for our online marketing support platform, PrintIQ. Our team can organise a demo if you would like to see how it can work for you.
  2. Product catalogue: we set up a catalogue of all the printed products you would like to access through our pick and pack service including images, descriptions and prices. Your online store comes fully branded and can be customised for individual brands under the same business.
  3. Training: Express Print & Mail conducts a “train the trainer session” with one or more people in the organisation who can then train other staff in how to use the system.
  4. Order from stock: simply log in, select the items required and the quantity of each then follow the checkout process for freight and transport information.

Custom reports on stock usage and materials ordered by site can be generated regularly for review and budgeting.

Frequently asked questions

When can I expect my order to be despatched?

Once we receive an order, it is generally despatched the following business day.

How do I arrange payment?

In most cases, your goods are held in stock and Express Print & Mail charges a handling and freight fee at the time of ordering from the Pick & Pack service. We can send you an invoice or payment can be made by credit card when placing an order.

Can I see how much items cost?

The store is set up with a price per item. This helps team members understand the value of what they are ordering and can help individual franchises or branches manage their marketing budgets.

Can multiple people log in and order?

Yes! You decide which team members can access the system and the permission level for each user. Product ranges can be customised for individual users. The store can be set up so that a manager or business owner has to view and approve orders prior to despatch.

Can I see how much of each item is in my inventory?

Yes. When you log in, you can see the available stock levels for each item, updated live in our system.

What products are suitable for the Pick & Pack service?

The most popular products are marketing materials such as booklets, flyers and presentation folders as well as stationery items such as letterheads and with comp slips. The system can also be used for storing and ordering branded promotional products such as hats, drink bottles, pens and USBs.

Is there a minimum spend for PrintIQ set up?

Our Pick & Pack service is best suited to organisations that have multiple sites or branches and users.

How long does it take to set up?

For smaller businesses, PrintIQ can be set up within about a week. For larger scale organisations with multiple branded online sites, a set-up estimate can be provided based on individual needs.

Can I view my order status?

Yes, you can view your order status any time by logging into PrintIQ.

Helping Team Builders service customers around the globe

Stacks of printed brochures ready for picking and packingBrochures ready to be picked, packed and sent by Express Print & Mail

With clients all over the world, it made sense for Team Builders Global to use the Express Print & Mail pick and pack service.

We recently printed the tools and training materials for Team Builders Global C.I.R.C.L.E. of Success system for Leading Change.

The package contained a 20-page booklet, 40-page booklet and two A4 pages, all collated into a presentation folder.

Express Print & Mail now stores the training packs on site which are ordered on demand through PrintIQ and despatched to customers across the globe.

“Express Print & Mail has been an absolute joy to work with. Their professionalism is a 10 out of 10! Our project was quite involved, Shannon and Scott made sure everything got done well and in a timely manner. We're very happy customers!” - Bart Kotter.

Bart is pictured at the top of our story with Express Print & Mail team members, Shannon and Scott.

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