Print showcase: Stories of the unbuilt

Tactile, striking and innovative, this promotional book for AX2 Architectural Visualisation is a compelling visual representation of the company’s brand values: quality, innovation and communication.

Different sized cover and internal pages, careful stock selection, full page images and confident use of empty space keep the messaging simple and unpretentious.

For a company that creates brand stories through state-of-the-art visual content, they have certainly nailed this storytelling visual.

Designed by Fran Johnson-Cash from The Various Artists (Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast), the book features a black-on-black cover for an understated contemporary look.

Colorplan Ebony Black in 350gsm is used for the cover, complemented by 8 pages of black ink on 135gsm Colorplan Stone, effectively using the paper and design to convey the message instead of relying on traditional CMYK design printed on white stock.

The Colorplan was supported by 12 pages of CMYK on a Silk-HD stock, a high grade coated paper that ensured optimum colour and clarity for the images showcased.

Fran said that AX2 Studio approached The Various Artists needing a brochure to promote their computer-generated image (CGI) services on the Sunshine Coast.

“We went for an unconventional size, slightly larger than A4. The internal pages are framed by an overhanging cover to elevate the imagery which was curated to take the viewer on a journey through different scenes from morning to evening,” Fran said.


Designer: Fran Johnson-Cash

Agency: The Various Artists

Client: AX2 Architectural Visualisation

Print method: Cover: Xerox (printed CMYK with clear ink over the top). Inside: Indigo

Stock: Colorplan Ebony Black, Colorplan Stone and Silk-HD