How to produce a good marketing flyer

If you want your marketing flyer to make an impact, it should follow a few simple guidelines.

•    Use colour - bright and bold colour really stands out and grabs attention

•    Pick a colour scheme - while it's great to use colour, don't use too many at once or your flyer will end up looking like a dog's breakfast

•    Keep it simple - don't overload your flyer with too much information. Stick to the main message you want to convey to your customers and space your design elements generously

•    Include all your contact details - give your customers the opportunity to contact you through various channels - phone, email or website

•    Use the seasons to your advantage - if it's Christmas,  capitalise on the messages and imagery associated with the occasion

•    Include a call to action - don't just wait and hope that your customers will come knocking on your door, specifically encourage them to do so

•    Give customers an incentive - either with a special offer or free gift

•    Be inventive - it's the clever designs that stand out and get noticed.  If you want your flyer to be remembered include some creative design elements rather than sticking to all text

•    Use a really good quality stock - research shows that it's all in the presentation and your flyer is likely to be taken much more seriously if it has a quality feel and finish

•    Create an interactive piece - people love to play with paper so if you can provide a flyer they can fold to create something or which has moving parts, it will make an appealing and unforgettable advertising tool

•    Add a personal touch - remind your customers that you are people too, not just some faceless corporation.

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