How being online can help your print

When you know what to look for, the information you pick up online can guide you in the right direction in print.

First of all, you need to determine your overall message.

Once you've done that, you can select the correct channels to communicate it to your customers online. By creating first, then selecting where to publish you can control the type of information you gather.

•    If you're on social media (and you should be in some form), how well your message, photos and information is received by your target audience gives you an idea of their preferences and therefore what you should include in your printed material.

Measuring the number of likes, re-tweets, shares and comments you get online can help you make more accurate choices about what to include in your printed pieces.

•    Take note of the topics getting the most attention on your website. This is obviously what interests your customers or what they want to know more about.

Use the information gathered in your website analytics to create a targeted print piece for distribution by direct mail.

•    You can also use online to test the language you use and check reactions and responses then adjust your content accordingly for print.

It's easy to change content online but once it's in print, if it's not right, you have to start all over again - which can mean costly artwork and re-printing charges.

•    And finally use your online content to guide you with regard to consistency across all your printed marketing tools.

Use your online content as a point of reference to make sure all relevant information is included and nothing left out. This will reinforce your brand and key message when it comes to your printed material.