9 Creative ways to thank staff and customers

The world has changed. And as we come to grips with our brave new world, we’re finding new ways to be connected and thankful, to appreciate what we have.

Businesses have adapted their models, bringing staff along for the ride. Many staff members have delivered above and beyond while supporting their employers to change and stay afloat. Some staff have worked from home while juggling family and home schooling. Others have been on the frontlines of COVID-19 responses.

We've also been reminded more than ever of just how important customers are to keeping our businesses alive. They’ve adapted as we have, to changing service structures, payment methods, delivery times and opening hours.

When we are busy and things feel overwhelming, we sometimes forget to take the time to say “thank you”. Studies show that expressing appreciation to employees can improve performance and boost morale. It can help build healthier relationships with clients and brand loyalty.

“The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” – William James, American philosopher and psychologist

The element of surprise

There are many creative ways to can say "thanks" to staff and customers. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. From a verbal “thank you” to a coffee voucher, or some useful branded merchandise, a simple gesture can mean a lot.

At Express Print Mail, we usually have a regular monthly staff BBQ to say thanks to our team for all their hard work. We’re also a big fan of birthday cakes and team morning teas, especially when there’s an opportunity to raise money for local charity.

But group activities can be difficult with physical distancing. We can help your business use the element of surprise to say thanks and delight your customers or staff. Check out some creative ideas below.

1. Scarves or SHerpa HEadwear

Cosy, warm and the perfect way to fly your brand flag. Choose the right scarf style for your staff or clients and everyone will want one! These snuggly polar fleece scarves and stripey supporter-style scarves are just some of the styles that Express Print & Mail can supply. 

With winter upon us and face coverings set to become part of our wardrobes for some time, Sherpas are the ultimate multi-purpose accessory. They’re fashionable, warm and can be worn as a face covering, beanie, neck gaiter, scarf or bandanna.

2. Reusable face masks

Face masks are in high demand. Reusable masks are more appealing and can be more comfortable. These washable masks can be fully printed edge to edge with colourful designs, a playful message or your branding. Small (150 x 120mm) and large (170 x 120mm) sizes available.

3. Staff welcome back pack

Get together a Covid-safe staff pack for when your team members return to the workplace

What to include:

  • Welcome back note with list of pack inclusions
  • Refillable personal hand sanitiser
  • Alcohol hand wipes
  • Tissues
  • Reusable cutlery kit
  • Workplace COVID-safe fact sheet


3. Customer gift or welcome pack

A small kit or pack makes an ideal thank you gift for new or existing clients. New Sunshine Coast business, Beach Insurance has developed a welcome pack for new clients to thank them for choosing Beach Insurance, featuring a pen, bottle opener and stubby cooler.

Bek at Bek Park Marketing sought a fun way to thank her clients for their support. An A5 whiteboard magnet designed and printed by EPM made a useful gift for local and interstate clients that was also inexpensive to post. The accompanying postcards feature a local beach shot on one side, with a satin finish. They're uncoated on the reverse to suit a personalised handwritten note.


5. Screen and lens cleaners

With many of us spending more time in front of our screens at the moment, screen and lens cleaning cloths are an inexpensive and useful gift that can be used as giveaways, mailed or used as part of a thank you kit. These are just some of the options Express Print & Mail can supply.

6. Hats and caps

Whether you’re a fan of the baseball cap, trucker cap or fitted cap, there’s a style that will suit your brand and customer/staff base. If you’re in retail, trade or hospitality, caps make great gifts. Aim for something that people will really love so they’ll wear it until it wears out.

Branded trucker capBranded mesh cap


7. Notebooks and diaries

Despite the large number of digital notetaking and list making resources available, many people still prefer to use a notebook. Quality branded notebooks or diaries make ideal gifts for corporate customers especially if you are in a service industry. From boxed notebooks with branded pens to cloth covered lined notebooks and custom diaries, the choices are endless. Get in touch with our sales team for some samples.


8. Cooler bags 

Stay at home restrictions have given many of us a new appreciation for picnics. With many shared spaces in workplaces still closed, cooler bags make a great staff gift. Express Print & Mail can supply a wide range of cooler bags - large or small sizes for work or play, in a wide variety of colours. 

Branded cooler bagsSolo cooler bagPacific Cooler Bag

9. Reusable cups or water bottles

With so many options to choose from, there's sure to be a design that suits your brand and customer or staff base. Cups or water bottles can be sublimated with individual team member names for a truly personalised gift.


Reusable Coffee CupReusable water bottle


If you're looking for ways to show appreciation to your team, clients or customers, get in touch with our sales team or call us on 1800 626 562 for some more creative ideas.