8 ideas for business cards that stand out

An unusual and clever business card design is doing the social rounds at the moment. Minimalist, with a white background, black text and an email address, its simplicity is striking. This design has many people rethinking what makes a memorable business card.

The “new normal” of 2021 means everything is on the table. With relationships more important than ever, a striking business card gives your brand personality and a tangible representation of an interaction beyond a digital connection.

If you’ve had the same business card for decades, it might be time for a new look. Our design team shares 8 of their favourite ideas for unusual cards that stand out from the crowd.


Make your business card DESIGN unique

Get creative with a distinctive design. Think of unusual ways to interpret your brand, talk to one of our designers for ideas or check out Pinterest for inspiration. A business card is a perfect opportunity to push design boundaries and do something extraordinary.

Design by Matt Naylor via Dribble.

Emboss for tactility

If you’ve ever been handed an embossed business card, chances are you’ve run your fingers along the surface. Embossing is ideal for adding a tactile element as well as a little bit of class. It can be used for logos, lettering or other graphic elements.

Ideas from our embossed business cards Pinterest board.

Get the luxe look

Adding a luxury element can captivate customers and make a lasting impression. Think of a luxury business card as a collector’s item, something your clients will want to keep. Get the luxe look with heavy, quality stock, metallic inks, embossing, celloglazing and Spot UV finishes.

Looking for luxury? View our Luxury business cards Pinterest board.

Share a square

Square business cards are eye catching and perfect for pockets! They’re ideal for brands with square or boxy logos or where you have an image that works well cropped to a square shape. Choose a heavy, quality stock and emboss or embellish for a touch of class.

Check out more ideas on our Square business cards Pinterest board.

Cut it out

Precision die-cutting machinery that we have in-house at Express Print & Mail makes it possible to create custom shapes for larger quantities of business cards. From simple, rounded edges to complicated shapes that get everybody talking (think houses, cars, tickets and even pineapples), custom shapes offer the ultimate personalisation. 

For more fun ideas, check out our Shaped business cards Pinterest board.


Less is more

The term minimalism is often used to refer to a lifestyle or an approach for decluttering our homes. However, its roots are in visual arts, particularly sculpture and painting. In design, it's a style or technique characterised by extreme spareness and simplicity. Minimalism is on-trend in graphic design for good reason. It’s uncomplicated, clean and ensures your information or message dominates. 

Here are some tips for achieving a minimalist look in a business card:

✔️ Use two contrasting colours
✔️ Choose simple typography
✔️ Let the typography dominate
✔️ Make empty space a feature
✔️ Highlight geometric shapes

An embossed or gold foil graphic against a plain coloured background is an ideal starting point for a minimalist business card design. Talk to the Express Print & Mail graphic design team about a clean and sophisticated look for your next business card.

Design by Mr Mockup on Dribble. View more ideas for Minimalist business cards on our Pinterest board.

Unconventional typography

There’s something striking and memorable about rare or uncommon fonts, especially where the typography is allowed to shine. Inspire curiosity with typography that makes people look twice, get clever with custom ideas, be bold with large lettering or try a handmade font.

Design by Saki Hajdari on Dribble.

Get Krafty

The Kraft look says so much about your brand. Earthy and natural, it’s a perfect option for businesses that want to reinforce their sustainability message or environmental credentials. Keep in mind that Kraft stock soaks up a lot of ink so use a clean design and choose contrasting colours. Check out our Kraft business card board on Pinterest for some ideas.

Design by Mainstay Graphic Design on Dribble. See our Kraft business card Pinterest board for some creative ideas.

From small quantities to large, using your design or ours, Express Print & Mail can bring the ultimate memorable business card to life. If you are looking for business cards on the Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg or beyond, get in touch with our team for a discussion or quote.