Other Services

We provide a complete range of other services to support our professional print options.

These include: binding, die cutting, perforating, scoring, finishing, numbering, folding, collating, round cornering, drilling, spot varnishing, shrink wrapping, digital gold, silver and white ink printing and foiling and embossing.

Adding a special finish to your printed business cards or brochures can help you really stand out from the crowd. 

Perfect binding

The only one of its kind on the coast, our perfect binder delivers a superior finish for your books and magazines with the added strength of the strongest glue on the market (PUR).

It can work with a variety of papers including digitally printed and varnished stocks.

The glue is 50% stronger than traditional hot melt glue and books can be turned around in two to three days, twice as fast as previously available.

Spiral or coil binding

If you require books, brochures or calendars that would benefit from being opened flat or have a large quantity of pages, spiral binding is the best solution.

It's economical, quick to produce and creates a functional, yet professional effect.

Saddle stitching

Saddle stitching (wire staples) is the most economical way to bind most brochures or books up to around 100 pages.

Once the number of pages goes over this, a more professional job will be achieved using perfect binding.

Die cutting

We can create a custom made die using a purposely designed engraved steel tool which cuts out the desired shape for your business cards, labels, stickers, flyers, folders or signs.

Your design can include perforations or creases and we can print on paper, foil, plastic or foam.

Foiling and Embossing

With the recent addition of our very own in-house foiling machine, creating special printed effects with foil inks or through embossing, will elevate your design project into an impressive, tactile experience.
Ask us for a quote to add a wow factor to your next print job.


Cello glazing adds depth to colours and produces a quality, high-class finish in either matt or gloss.

Applied by a process of heat and pressure we recommend it for use on brochure covers, folders and business cards to avoid marking, especially on darker colours.

The application of spot varnish in either gloss, satin or matt, can highlight selected areas of your brochure or business card, adding shine and depth to elements such as your logo or an image. 


Express Print and Mail has the ability to print standard sequentially numbered NCR order books in one colour (Black or Reflex Blue) on one side.

Books include one number and one perforation and are quarter bound with a Crocodile Board cover and writing shield insert.

They are available in standard A5, A4 and A4+ sizes, in duplicate (50 or 100 pages) and triplicate or quadruplicate versions (50 pages). For other colours or sizes we can prepare a custom quote.


Folding of flyers or letters can be completed either by machine or by hand.

Machine folding is the most economical method however sometimes folding by hand is required for small size printed items or for specific designs. 

There are many types of folding options including single fold, roll-fold, z fold, gate fold and concertina.  We can advise which is best suited to your purpose.

We also score most items prior to folding to ensure a sharp, clean result.


Our collating machine offers high performance automatic organisation of your printed material.

It gathers multiple pages section by section maximising time and minimising effort.

Digital white ink, gold and silver

Until recently, when you wanted an element of your job to print white, you had to reverse the type from the background.

The improvement in print technology and the development of reliable formulations of white inks now allows for more flexibility and creativity when printing white on darker stocks. 

We can also now print white, gold and silver inks on our specialised digital press allowing you to add dynamic effects to even a small run of business cards or invitations.